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Refund And Cancellation Policy

Refund And Cancellation Policy



Refund And Cancellation Policy

  1. Customers Responsibilities Terms:
  2. Customers shall be required to check the article (i.e., products and accessories) before handover it to the BigBDry delivery person at the time of pickup.
  3. Customers shall be required to check the article (i.e., products and accessories) while collecting it from the BigBDry delivery person at the time of delivery.
  4. Customers shall inform either to the BigBDry delivery person or at BigBDry customer care centre about the uninformed or non-mentioned information of an article if any. 
  5. Customers shall keep and need to present the original copy/Emailed authorized copy of the bill at the time of collecting their articles from BigBDry delivery person.
  6. Customers need to inform and verifying their identity at the BigBDry Customer Care Centre within an appropriate time period if they have lost or missed to present their original copy of bill due to technical or non-technical issue.
  7. Customers shall keep and note their customer ID for any further communication with the BigBDry related to the issue in having any core services & portal services.
  8. If customers do not satisfy with the quality of any services offered or availed, be got in touch with BigBDry customer care centre within 4 Hours of delivery package received from BigBDry Delivery Person.
  9. Customers shall be available at the pickup or delivery location, as per their self-booking slots of time.
  10. Customers are responsible to inform at BigBDry customer care centre, if in case of an emergency or hasn’t been able to hand over or collect the service article for any reason from the BigBDry Delivery person.
  11. Customers’ responsibility arrives if they aren’t available to collect the service articles as per the delivery time slots of 3 times. Then they have to either collect it from BigBDry Store or choose the paid delivery service.
  12. Customers are liable to inform at the BigBDry customer care centre within the appropriate time period, if they received any wrong article by any mistake.


  1. Delivery Terms:
  2. Available pick-up slots from Monday to Sunday are:
  3. Available delivery slots from Monday to Sunday are:
  4. We are close on Thursday.
  5. We committee to provide the fastest delivery service in just 48 hours or free.
  6. Our express delivery service in just 8 hours.
  7. Kindly inform before appropriate time period for “Urgent Delivery” under special charges.
  8. We follow up 3 times in case of delivering the article at the customer’s place/ delivery location for delivery purpose. Afterwards, customer is liable to collect the article from the BigBDry Store or choose for the paid delivery services.
  9. Please keep patient with the following non-compensatory conditions of  “Delay Pick-up & Delivery Services”:

o   COVID Emergency lockdown.

o   Society No-Entry permits due to COVID guidelines.

o   Natural Calamities.

o   Non-controllable incident (like; accident, rally or etc.)

o   All other incidents those are beyond our control to fulfil the delivery commitment.

  • Please note that we will not be responsible for the upkeep of the articles, if articles are not collected within 21days from the date of scheduled delivery.
  • Every efforts is made to deliver clothes on time, however due to certain unforeseen circumstances, if the delivery is delay, we will keep you updated about the delivery time.


  1. Articles Services Terms:
  2. We are not responsible for fastness, colour bleed, colour running, shrinkage, and damages to embellishments or embroidery work on the articles during processing.
  3. At BigBDry, we would be putting in our best efforts to remove any stains or unwanted marks on the clothes; however we cannot guarantee 100% removal of stains or marks. Customers will have no claim whatsoever or no rights to ask for deduction in processing charges on account of this.
  4. We shall not be held responsible for any ornaments or jewellery fittings (including any addition accessories) on your clothes getting damaged during the processing.
  5. We shall not be held responsible for shrinkage, damage, cuts, holes, scratched, stains etc. becoming apparent during the wash process due to defective manufacturing, adulteration, deterioration, wear & tear, and exposure to environment.
  6. We accept no liability for any loss or damage to clothes arising due to fire, burglary etc. which are beyond our control or similar incidences.
  7. We would not take any responsibility for valuable/article/cash etc. inadvertently kept in the articles which is mutilated or unrecoverable after processing.
  8. We may use the images of the articles for promotional purpose at various stage of media/marketing.


  1. Prices & Claims Terms:
  2. Prices Terms:

o   Tariff for designer wear, high-end fabric based clothes or complex article pieces would be decided on a case-to-case basis. This pricing would be communicated to customer directly at the store once the article has been examined by the experts present at the stores.

o   The exact tariff of an article will be decided at the physical store on a case-to-case basis depending on the complexity of the article. The rates mentioned in the price list are indicative and minimal.

  1. Claims/Compensation Terms:

o   We follow a “No Claim” policy. All articles are accepted at customers’ risk. We shall not be held responsible for damage to articles that cannot withstand the normal cleaning or dry cleaning process. We shall not be held responsible for articles that are damaged due to the ageing process of inferior quality of clothes.

o   In case any piece of article or linen gets damaged during the processing for any reasons other than the ones outlined above, the compensation for the customer would be limited to 10 times the value of the charges specified to the customer for the processing or INR 3,000/-, whichever is lower.


  1. Packaging Terms:
  2. Generally, we use the standard packaging size & material for the articles delivery.
  3. For Special Articles, we use the different packaging from the standard packaging for delivery.



  1. BigBDry Private Limited reserves the rights to cancel/modify/change the terms and conditions at any point in time without any prior intimation or notice.
  2. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Noida, UP only.

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